Units is a webapp to convert one unit from another in natural language. This means that it doesn't matter if you query 5m in or five meter in inches they both give you the same result.

Alfred Workflow

If you are using the wonderful Alfred App you can download our workflow to use our intuitive unit conversions through Alfred.
Alfred users will recognize the emulator on our homepage as Alfred because the converter started out as an Alfred Workflow before it was available online

Currency Conversion

Units provides excellent information for converting monetary units. with more than 160 different currencies supported, natural language querying and up-to-date currency rates Units will make sure you know what your money's worth.


This site provides a full documentation of all the available units. So you can not only see which units are available but also the formulas that are used to convert one unit from another.
We are aware that there might be some incomplete pages at this time but we are working on building a complete and insightful library.

About me

I'm a graphic designer with a love for creative programming and Units is one of my personal side projects. As noted above, it started out as an Alfred workflow but because I wanted to show this project to more than just Alfred users I decided to build an emulator and documentation website.
If you would like me to put more time and energy into this project consider a small donation . You can see more of my projects and design work at Design and Such