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Sending us a report

If you've checked that your issue hasn't been reported below, please email us on info@designandsuch.com including the details below:

  • What you was the exact query you typed
  • Whether you were able to replicate it
  • Include any screenshots that might help us

Where more information is required, we'll get in touch. Thanks for your help in making Units a great app!

Pending issues

  • 1/8 inch and 5 mm does not give a proper result. This is because the "and" part of it is not recognized in the right way.
  • 5 km into miles and cm works but 5 km into miles and doesnt give a reasonable suggestion
  • some special characters don't work in the Alfred version such as Å
  • 10,000 USD EUR ( this is obviously 10 thousand )
  • the lack of case sensitivity creates no difference between mm and Mm
  • for extreme large or small numbers, scientific notation is used by default. So 1 cm km will result in 1.0E-5 km. It might make more sense from a human perspective to display it as 0.00001. It's the same result of course ( 1.0 with the decimal 5 places to the left ). but in most scenarios 0.00001 seems more usable since most people are not used to work with scientific notation
  • 7, * a comma can only be part of a number so it should not be recognized as a 'word'

Planned features

  • adding in more units and categories
  • improve currency refresh [nov 17th 2016]