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All units can be accessed through multiple keys. for instance a euro can be accessed as , but also EUR, euro and euros. This makes querying conversions simple and intuitive.

Up to date currency

Every 12 hours the currency unit formulas will be updated through the apilayer.com service. This way 10 euro in usd will always give you a usable result.

Up to date everything

If you use the Alfred workflow the conversions are still done through our server instead of locally on your computer. this means that you do need an internet connection to use Units. A bennefit however is that you will not only be able to use of live currency values but all other values as well. We often add units, keys and improve formulas and through our live server you can take advantage of these improvements the moment we commit them.

Advanced patterns

We try to analyze your query by matching it up to a pattern. This makes sure that is doesn't matter if you type the very short$9,99 € or a more conventional 9,99 usd into eur.

Smart numbers

We all use numbers in different ways. a million can be represented as 1000000 but humans like to type it as 1.000.000 while others would type 1,000,000. Units tries to understand the way you use commas and periods to figure out which once are seperators and which ones are decimals

Simple Math

Units is not trying to replace your calculator even though it supports some calculator like features to better understand your queries. Units understands fractions because it makes sense to write 1/8 inch cm for example. So as long as you keep your calculations together Units will be able to process your calculations as in 6*5.99 GBP USD

Smart suggestions

Units will help you to figure out what unit you are looking for. Units are seperated in group a mile can not be converted into US Dollars. And thus once you have established a goup Units will only suggest units from that group.

Units gets to know you

If you use the Alfred Workflow Units will take advantage of your history, if you use a certain unit a lot it will come up higher in the suggested units.